Our vision

With commitment to high quality innovation and cutting-edge technology, we make scientific discoveries to serve humankind and save and improve lives.

Our mission

Through innovative drug discovery science and advanced nanotechnologies, we develop disruptive therapies and diagnostics for serious diseases with as yet unmet needs.


SCHOOL platform: Biophysical principles

SCHOOL platform for receptor signaling

SCHOOL concept: Learning from viruses

SCHOOL approach to sepsis, lung cancer, breast and pancreatic cancer, autoimmune diseases and others


Multichain Immune Recognition Receptor Signaling From Spatiotemporal Organizaiton to Human Disease


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Drug Discovery & Research - SignaBlok - Company Overview

SignaBlok, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company on a fast track to success. Founded in 2009 to develop novel targeted therapeutics and delivery nanosystems through the use of our revolutionary science and technologies, we offer high quality innovation, science and management expertise, encouraging results, an impressive IP portfolio, and growing involvement in international research.

Our pioneering research efforts focus on four core therapeutic areas: cancer, atherosclerosis, inflammatory and immune diseases.

Leading Innovative Science to Disruptive Therapies
Our novel model of cell signaling, the SCHOOL (Signaling Chain HOmoOLigomerization) model, uncovers for the first time the mechanisms of signaling by membrane receptors, a biological process that plays an important role in health and disease. This discovery opens new avenues for drug development with applications in many serious diseases.

Developing a New Class of Drugs – SCHOOL Peptide Therapeutics
SignaBlok’s elegant approach for modulating cell response is to disrupt functional coupling between two aspects of cell receptor machinery: recognition and signaling. This innovation represents a breakthrough to the modulation of membrane receptors, one of the most effective ways of preventing and treating human disease.

Mimicking the structures found in nature, the modulatory SCHOOL peptides can be rationally designed for nearly any receptor. They employ novel, ligand-independent mechanisms of action and possess unique and beneficial drug-like properties.

Capitalizing on a Billion-Year Development Process
Recent studies reveal that viruses use the SCHOOL-like mechanisms to inhibit receptors and enter human cells without triggering the self-defense response. SignaBlok is capitalizing upon a billion years of virus evolution to help revolutionize drug discovery science and develop new, disruptive therapies.

Developing Integrated Nanosystems for Targeted Delivery
SignaBlok’s multifunctional nanoparticles are designed to make drugs and imaging agents more effective and less toxic. These targeted nanosystems can deliver imaging agents as well as therapies, ranging from small molecules to peptides and RNAs to macrophage-rich sites of disease with applications in lung and breast cancer, atherosclerosis, sepsis, rheumatoid arthritis, and other serious diseases with unmet needs.

- Understanding Nature. Improving Life.

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Press Releases

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