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SignaBlok, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company on a fast track to success. Founded in 2009 to develop novel targeted therapeutics and delivery nanosystems through the use of our revolutionary science and technologies, we offer high quality innovation, science and management expertise, encouraging results, an impressive IP portfolio, and growing involvement in international research.

Our pioneering research efforts focus on four core therapeutic areas: cancer, atherosclerosis, inflammatory and immune diseases.



SignaBlok has an expanding, deep and diversified pipeline of new chemical entity (NCE) assets leveraging SignaBlok's proprietary technologies to image macrophages  and shape their biology  in multiple inflammation-associated diseases and disorders where macrophages are centrally involved.

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SCHOOL”: Signaling Chain HOmoOLigomerization

Leading Innovative Science to Disruptive Therapies
Our novel model of cell signaling, the SCHOOL (Signaling Chain HOmoOLigomerization) model, uncovers for the first time the mechanisms of signaling by membrane receptors, a biological process that plays an important role in health and disease. This discovery opens new avenues for drug development with applications in many serious diseases.

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Therapeutic Areas

SignaBlok is developing novel, first-in-class peptide therapeutics and multifunctional nanosystems for targeted delivery of these therapeutics as well as other drugs and/or imaging agents to inflammation sites with applications in treatment and diagnosis of: